• Elmasonic X-tra Basic
  • Elmasonic X-tra Basic
  • Elmasonic X-tra Basic

Elmasonic X-tra Basic

Brand: ELMA


Powerful ultrasonic cleaners.
The floor-standing ultrasonic cleaners in the Elmasonic X-tra basic series are perfect for production, maintenance and service as they enable individual compilation of the required equipment for cleaning, rinsing and drying. Extensive equipment features make working with the machines easy and effective at the same time. All machines are on rollers and can be used particularly easily at different places of the production or in the workshop.

The frequency of 25 kHz for rough cleaning and of 45 kHz for fine cleaning can be set manually with the Elmasonic X-tra series. The floor-standing ultrasonic cleaners are available in 6 different bath sizes (30 to 250 litres filling volume), with integrated Sweep function and switchable Pulse function for optimum sound distribution and for intensification of the cleaning effect.

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