• Survivair Opti-Fit APR

Survivair Opti-Fit APR


Optimum fit, comfort and superioe optics in a full face respirator. The opti-Fit offers the ultimate in performace and affordability. With features usually reserved for more expensive respirators, the Opti-Fit can help you get the most from your respiratory protection budget. Opti-Fit features a distortion free lens with exceptional view. Lightweight construvtion reduces head and neck stress even during extended wear. Three sizes fit almost any facial type.
  • Full-feature respirator priced at nearly half the cost of traditional full facepieces
  • Comfortable, durable silicone skirt and five-strap suspension
  • Nose cup is a standard feature to prevent fogging
  • Lens is replaceble and treated with anti-scratch coating
  • Easily converts to CF SAR
  • Available accessories include clear and tinted lens covers, headstrap and neckstrap kits, spectacles kit, anti-fog wipes and anti-fog solution


Grinding, Woodworking foundries

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