• Vortex Water Seperation Filter & Air Dryer

Vortex Water Seperation Filter & Air Dryer


Vortex Tubes

Takes normal air and convert into air streams
One stream is hot air and another stream is cold air
It has no moving parts, which translates into almost no maintenance
Cold air can be adjusted down to -50 degrees Celsius
Hot air can be adjusted up to 70 degrees Celsius
Uses for Voltex Tubes

Cooling of machine operation
Cooling electrical cabinets
Cooling mold tools
Cooling sewing needles
Cooling of hot melt glue operations
Cooling sharpening tools
Cooling CCTV cameras
Cooling of surface grinding
Cooling of spot welding
Cooling of soldering
Cooling of machining plastic & wood
Cooling of milling, drilling & turning
Testing thermostats
Setting hot glue operation

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