• WetTask Refillable Wiping System

WetTask Refillable Wiping System



The compact, convenient, wet wiping system that's safe, simple and reliable KIMTECH* Wipers for the WETTASK* System are specifically designed for surface cleaning and preparation, where maintaining the integrity of your chemical solution, controlling costs, and improving workplace safety are paramount.
An innovative solution for customers who want to use their own chemical solution to create a pre-saturated wiper for preparing, cleaning, disinfecting or sanitizing surfaces.Designed for use with detergents, water-based cleaners, and solvents. Ideal for general surface cleaning, sanitising and degreasing.


- Enclosed system helps reduce cross-contamination and exposure to chemical vapours or splashed

- No need to worry evaporation because it is airtight

- Wiper can withstand solvent

- Reduce solvent wastage

Code: 950600120

Description: KIMTECH PREP* Wipers

Type: Roll

Colour: White


Size: W(cm) x L(cm) 30.4 x 31.7

Put Up: 6/60

Case Count: 360

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